My name is Ayu, a certified Yoga teacher, a dedicated vegan, a Hindu priest, an animal lover, and of course - the owner of the Anandinii Organic Garden & Kitchen.

In 2012,  me and my husband, Ketut, paid a visit to this little countryside village called Sidemen, which back then was rather unknown, and we instantly fell in love with it. The beauty of the environment, the lush and green rice terraces, the friendly locals, and the strong religious vibes - we felt that the village has so much charm.

Since then, we have built a property called Cepik Villa Sidemen, which has developed to be one of the highlights of the destination. Witnessing how tourism develops in Sidemen, especially for travelers who are aware of health and well-being, we then decided to build an organic garden - with the aim to promote and spread the knowledge to cook healthy meals that are tasty without using artificial, health-damaging ingredients, which is what I practice on a daily basis by being a vegan.

End of Jalan Raya Tabola

Sidemen, Karangasem - Bali 80864

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